1. Name of the Society




2. Faculty Head









Dr. Vandita Sharma               





Shashank Vasisht, ECE 4th Year




3. Music Coordinator (Enlish Songs)




4. Music Coordinator (Hindi Songs)


Ragni Arora, ECE 4th Year


6. Design & Event Manager


Chetan Chawla, ECE 3rd Year


7. Brief description of the society










Throughout the years, musical styles have reflected the society of the time and have evolved with changes in the world. Not only does music change with society but it changes with technological advancements as well. As technology changes, it can allow new styles to emerge and new ways for people to listen. From radio to television and records to the internet, music and the way we consume it has dramatically changed in the past years. Even the innovations in the technology used to create musical instruments and recording equipment has affected what styles and songs are made popular within the music landscape. The Aagaaz, musical society is an organisation founded in 2013 to promote better understanding of all aspects of music in all cultures and from all periods. Dr. Vandita Sharma is the mentor of this society. Music has always been a part of BVCOE. In this society, we have guitarists, keyboardists, singers etc. Members have performed at various fests all over Delhi. Through this society, students get unique opportunities to reach the highest level of musical excellence. Some very talented members received accolades for their original composition, “Piya” by Dhunsatv. There is no doubt that the music society, Aagaaz is one of the finest societies.


8. Latest events conducted









  1. BVP CSI SSC Battle of bands...Won second prize

  2. BVICAM MBA Fresher’s 2014

  3. Alumni Meet 2014

  4. Anugoonj 2014 Prelims

  5. MTV Colours of youth

  6. Anugoonj Finals

Madhurima (ICE, 2nd year) (2nd prize, classical vocal (solo)

Mohit Malhotra (IT, 4th year) (2nd prize)

       7. Performance at Xtasy 2015

Aagaaz 2018-19 Report​





AAGAAZ : Music Society of BVCOE


29th November, 2019

We are pleased to inform that a lot has been done in the music society from the past three months since the college started, i.e., in August. First of all we started through the auditions to bring talented freshers under the society. Our criteria was simple : basic sense of rhythm and tones. We selected many students on merit. The auditions were held in two rounds. The core members of the society judged the students in different genres such as Classical, Light Hindi and Western Vocals and instruments. This time we had more of vocalists selected.


Auditions for the Music Society were held in 2 rounds. 

Round 1 :      

Date : 26th August 2019

Venue: Room C202

Time : 4pm onwards

Round 2 :

Date : 3rd September 2019

Venue : Room C202

Time : 4pm onwards



Aagaaz : The Music Society of BVCOE took part in the BVEST Fest organised by the college on 27th September, 2019. We held an open mic event in which many people from the public gathered. It was a fun event. To instill enthusiasm in people, the performance was started by the society members in the canteen area. Whole of the event took place in the canteen area. Peopl enjoyed a lot and there was a healthy participation from the freshers too. We were able to pull a lot of audience and the event went great!


We held a meeting of the society members on 5th October in the room C202.
The issues discussed were  : - 

1.)raising of funds for the society

2.)preparation for Anugoonj

3.)creation of groups. 

We distributed the merchandise of the society(i.e., Society T-shirt) with the society members’ names printed on it. We practiced some songs with the society members. Also we created groups in the meeting. We made multiple small groups within the society and asked them to bond over music and practice as a band. Also we told them that we would be checking the status of the groups over time and that music room permission will be handled by the heads. We told them that they are free to practice in groups whenever they have free time. The idea behind creation of small groups was that it would provide the freshers a chance to learn from other and would instill a sense of teamwork in them. Also, it is necessary that there is a good coordination amongst the society members in performances, which is possible only if they practice in groups. 

On a serious note, we removed some society members’ who were not contributing at all and were wasting the society’s time and energy. There were some members who didn’t even show up at the meeting. They did not take part in any performances either. As we have zero tolerance to casual people, the core members decided to remove them. 

On the bright side, there were many freshers who were actively involved in events such as BVEST,etc and were ready to contribute. We really appreciate their efforts and would look forward to provide them further oppurtunities.


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